C. Giles Hunt Memorial Library. 


Sutherlin's Public Library

It started in 1935

The Sutherlin Library began as a part of a storeroom in City hall in 1935, with an assortment of books on loan from the State College. In 1955, we became part of the Douglas County library system.


The library was expanded and completely remodeled in 2006-2007 and became the C. Giles Hunt Memorial Library, thanks to the people of Sutherlin, generous donors, and the C. Giles Hunt Foundation.


In 2017, the county system was abandoned by the commissioners and Sutherlin became an independent public library again. The libraries’ namesake, C. Giles Hunt, through his Foundation, has provided significant support to the library on several key occasions over the years, including this year, the first of our “new” existence. 

What is our mission?

Our library is here to provide a place where community members of all ages are able to access all forms of information, print and electronic, to enrich their lives, enable their advancement, forward their education, and to enjoy these resources at no charge to residents in our service area communities.

Where are we heading?

In addition to maintaining a modern facility that remains flexible and responsive to the needs of our community and the desires of book and information enthusiasts, we also wish to put in place a financial model for the libraries’ future that is sustainable for the decades to come. 


The Sutherlin Library Endowment For The Future will address this solution in 2019.